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If you need emergency dental treatment within the practice opening hours of 09.00-17.00. Please call our reception team on 01639 722277.

By visiting your dentist regularly you are more likely to avoid unforeseen dental problems. However, we do understand that not everyone is able to receive, or indeed wants regular dental treatment. Emergencies can arise due to many different reasons and the longer you wait, the worse the condition may become, therefore please call or come and see us as soon as possible so we can treat you and rapidly relieve your pain.

What should I do if I think I have a dental emergency?

If you find yourself in a situation where you are experiencing any of the above, please give us a call at Dental Lounge on 01639 722277. Our friendly reception team will ask you some questions to try an understand the nature of your problem and offer our soonest available appointment slots to you.

We urge you not to attend the practice without an emergency appointment as it is likely we will not be able to see you at that time.

If you are a registered NHS patient and experiencing dental problems outside of normal working hours, please call the free helpline number 111 where you will be provided with information and advice on how to manage the dental problem and if necessary, how to access urgent care.

What happens at an emergency dental appointment?

Depending on the nature of the dental emergency, our number one priority is to get you out of pain. This may require an urgent procedure on the day and then we will likely make you a follow up appointment to discuss definitive options for the tooth or teeth in question.

If you have a broken tooth or a lost filling or crown, we will do our best to repair this on the day if possible but in some cases, a temporary treatment will be required before booking you a follow up appointment for more definitive treatment.

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